Monday, May 2, 2011

Family time and love wins

Tom invited me to join his family for Dim Sum yesterday. The food was good, and the company was great. The four young cousins really enjoyed each other, the Grands enjoyed watching them, and the four parents have to remind the kids from time to time, "not so loud!" "Don't sit on the floor!" "Be careful!" .......... So the parents enjoyed, yet carried a burden of "tough love". Me, the lucky Grand Yau Yau, just enjoyed the experience from head to toe. A walk from the restaurant, after the meal, to the book store was very delightful too.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A walk by the Elkon Lake once again

Yesterday I took a walk around the Elkon Lake like I used to do when I lived in the Dockside home. The sense of "all were in the past now" left me feeling a bit strange, but not sad. I have had some fond memories living in this environment, and still remember that "enchanted" feeling I had when I first set eyes on this neighborhood.

I saw Joshua turning over by himself for the first time

I hope Joshua can start to recognize me now. It's a nice Saturday afternoon to visit Dan, Elizabeth and Joshua. Just look at this happy young family:

Then I learned all the new tricks Joshua can do now. He knows how to turn over his stomack by himself, he likes to do the peek-a-boo by pulling the cloth off his face himself, he loves riding horses on Daddy and Mommy, he is learning how to sit and stand by himself, with just a little bit assistance from Daddy. And Grand Yau Yau taught him to do a high-five for the first time!!