Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Family Reunion

There are a total 17 of us, including 4 Eylers from Michigan, and Ed from WA met up during the Christmas holidays.  What a delight to see everyone, and especially to watch the five kids and one baby.  Of course I am biased to chose the following picture as my favorite:

I made a slide show on you tube to capture some of the fun we had.  It's a joy to see Tom tickling Lawrence.  Dan, the master sword maker, energized all kids - big and small.  The chit chats, game playing, and wine drinking......filled up our time:


Christmas Lights at Longwood Garden

Mei-ping invited me to go with her and Vivien's family to see Christmas lights at the Longwood Garden.  I have not been there since probably 2004, but always have a fond memory of the Garden. Certainly I enjoyed the place very much again.

Thanksgiving - Family Fun

We got together at Tom and Janice's place this year again.  Family get together is always relaxed and fun.  Lots to eat.  Margaret and Franco got to do some shopping together.  Kids played together.  We all watched some TV.  I had lower back pain but was able to take a few shots of our time together.