Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Farewell, Porto

I probably walked 25,000 steps today to cover the various gardens and museums in Porto on my own.  The chance for my coming back to Porto is likely very slim for this life.  I tried to absorb every moment.


 A botanic garden:
 Pea cokes and roaster roamed free:
 Morning yogees:

 I enjoyed the traditional museum too:
 Saw another statue of Salazar:
 Went in here to see the photo exhibit of Frida Kahlo:
 The birds did not like the guy, but seemed to have spared the woman:
 Walked along the river till the mouth:

 The mouth of the river:

Guimaraes, Portugal

KC and I planned to stay a bit longer after the main tour was completed.  She stayed one extra night and I stayed two extra nights.  She and I decided to visit Guimaraes based on Carmen's suggestion.  Guimaraes is about one hour train ride away and was the origin of Portugal.  This medieval town was the birth place of Alfonso, who is the father of Portugal.

 The tourist office used to be a prison:

 The Castle:
 A statue of Alfonso:
 The fortress built on a rock:

 Inside the chapel:
 I met four Chinese exchange students:
We then walked through down toward the cable car which will takes us to the hill top

On top of the hill is a chapel and some trails for exploration:


We then walked back toward the train station and head back to Porto.  The streets were still charming:

KC and I enjoyed coffee and cakes while watching people go by:
Tomorrow I will be all by myself and spend one last day in Porto.