Monday, March 4, 2019

Amalfi Coast and Vietri Sul Mare

We left Capri on a ferry to Sorrento, intended to catch a bus riding along the Amalfi Coast toward our next stay in Vietri Sul Mare.

Sorrento Harbor:
 Bus ride along the Amalfi Coast:

 We made a bus transfer at Amalfi, where we had lunch.  Hope loved the fish soup she ordered.
Continue on toward Vietri Sul Mare:

 And we arrived our destination.  It is a town very famous with its pottery.

 We checked in our home away from home - The Sud East House.
It is the second green door from the right.

 Outside our house:
 Walked back into the town center:

 We had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant right across the bridge from our house.

 Using our house as a base, we visited other places via the local train.  The train station is about 10-15 minutes walk from our house.

Blue Grotto and The Walk of Old Fort

We were told over and over again that "Blue Grotto is closed", as the sea has not been calm in this winter season.  But Hope insisted that we should take a bus to Blue Grotto just to take a look.  So glad that she insisted!  We were absolutely amazed by the splashes and mists generated as a result of waves pounding the cave.

The sea was not calm!
 The steps going down to the boat for riding inside the cave, all wet and merged in water.

 Can you see the splash and mist coming out of the cave?
Hope and I took a bus to see the light house in Ana Capri, and ended up discover the Walk of Old Fort.  Unfortunately it was getting dark, we did not walk too far on the Old Walk for the sake of safety.  But it was one fantastic walk, right along the edge by the pounding sea.

 See how close the trail is to the water, and without any railing or chains.
We returned to the light house in order to take a bus home.  The sun was about to set.  Because of some rain, we saw a whole half rainbow.
I could not have asked for more for the day!!