Sunday, September 10, 2017

The boys are growing up fast

While I was at Tom and Janice's place, Steven took the two boys over for a visit during the Labor Day weekend.  They are getting so tall and full of energy.  I enjoyed playing Yeezy, Marjong with them.  It was so funny to hear them say "Pong" and "HuNer!" We also took a long walk to the Gorden Pond by the beach.

Hope's first visit to Reisterstown

Hope came to visit for the first time.  Most of the time we simply talked over breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The weather was really hot and humid, so we decided to visit the art museum of Baltimore on Saturday.  The indoor was nice and cool.  We had India food for lunch nearby the museum, then walked back to the museum to finish the last floor.  She is a good conservationist and I felt very at ease to talk to her just about any subject.  Of course the drama of the Trump administration provided us quite a bit of laugh.