Sunday, April 28, 2019

Gathering with families and friends are always fun

On Easter Sunday, Steven and Elizabeth hosted a party in celebration of David's first communion.  The weather was glorious!  The gathering was delicious and joyful.  And we remember all the people we love.

Matthew is taller than me, and David is catching up so fast!
 So handsome!!
 On the deck,
The following morning, the East Coast friends of Shu Road from 2017 gathered for a Chinese meal, and enjoyed the lovely dessert prepared by Ginny.

In the dining room of Ginny and Phil:

Friday, April 19, 2019

Shu Road and HuaShan

I went back to Shu Road again as a member of the group led by Hope.  Prior to the group tour, Steve, Hope and I took a cooking lesson in ChengDu.  After the group's tour, Hope and I took a train from ChengDu to HuaShan for another hike.

The cooking class:
The front door to the Chili Cool Cooking Class:Chef Chen is in the middle.  Winter is to the far left:
We usually go to the wet market to get fresh ingredients, cook, then enjoy the dishes.  It was a lot of fun.
 The above was a freshly killed rabbit.

 Traditional market always has "other" business like cloth repair or alteration...real estate for sale....

Chef Chen:

Examples of some finished dishes:

Goofed around.  We each got a chef's outfit:

Steve sent me some pictures he took from the cooking class and the Shu Road tour:

Shu Road:
The rape seed flowers this year was even more full than last year!

I wish long, long, long live the cypress trees:

 Three tree climbing senior citizens:

 The little cypress tree planted by us.  I wish it grow big, stronger, and live for a long, long, long time!
 A friendship originated from walking the Shu Road:
My best wishes to all the people I have loved in my short existence in this universe.
We had a wonderful time hiking in HuaShan.  A few pictures are shown in the following link:

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hiking around Bonassola

There is another old rail walking/biking trail from Bonassola to Framura.  All us three walked through it.  Hope and I also biked through it.

It was a real pretty old rail trail.  One can also see some natural green granite.  American soldiers tried twice and failed twice to find this tunnel, as they wanted to destroy the communication channel between Nazi Germany and Mussolini Italy.  All 15 soldiers were captured and executed by Nazi. After walking through the tunnel, one can easily understand how difficult it was back then to find it.

Hope on her bike:
We saw a lovely sunset in Framura:

As well as in Bonassola:

A walk from Bonassola to Punta Levato was cut short due to trail closure:

A walk from Bonassola to Framura went okay.  The trail was not great, but still has some good scenery:

I would not mind a bit to have more good hikes though.