Monday, October 22, 2012

Wind beneath my wings

Bette Midler has sung this song and moved millions of listeners.  We  know our loved ones have provided so much support for us.  Without them, we could not have experienced life nearly as much.  HaePyng, KC, Paul, etc. are all dear friends to Sylvia.  Hae Pyng and I drove Sylvia to Atlantic City for an outing.  We visited Jersey shores, Cape May, and the Princeton University.  We had a good time, and Sylvia was a good sport even though she was under some pain, and did not sleep too well on a couple of nights.

I saw a butterfly with its wings broken, and it was limping and tumbling on the boardwalk.  I picked it up and placed it on the side of the boardwalk under a tree, so that it would not be stepped on by the foot traffic on the board walk. A cancer patient is like a beautiful butterfly with broken wings.  The wind beneath its wing can no longer help it fly.  What a difficult path the patient has to walk alone.  One can only pray for less pain, more comfort, and more peace of mind.  I just wish that Sylvia can walk the path bravely and without feeling loneliness.


Margaret's Office

Margaret works at DC, and  I have never visited her office.  As a retiree, I just decided to go to DC on a weekday, to PLAY.  I was thrilled to find out Margaret's office is just around the cor nor, when I called her cold at noon, hoping she can come out to have lunch with me.   I think she was amused by the silly grin I had all over my face.  Her office is quite nice, and we had a delightful lunch at a Spanish cafe where we sat outside.

On margaret's recommendation, I went to visit the newly rennovated  Natural and History Museum after lunch.  It was very nicely done with the new exhibits.  Lucky me!  I was also able to enter the butterfly exhibit for free, because it's Tuesday.  A friendly butterfly landed on my head,  and a friendly stranger borrowed my camera and took a picture for me.  A very happy day indeed!

Bernice's Visit

Bernice came to visit in September, and we went to DC together.  She got to see all the out door monuments she wanted to see on this visit.  But we both suffered under the extreme heat. Next time we should do it in October.  I guess she had a reasonable time, and our friendship may continue.  Sometimes I felt a bit strange with friendship developed over a chance meeting on a tour.

At the Hirshhorn Museum Plaza, we discovered the Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads made by this Chinese artist Al Weiwei.  It's interesting that Hae Pyng and I found the same sculptures on the campus of the Princeton University.

What's more delightful was that I found another sculpture made by a Spanish named Juan Munoz!