Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trip to China in June 2014

I have prayed for this trip to be positive and beneficial.  As things turned out that my prayers have been answered.  My friend IChung does not believe in God.  He majors in History, and knows all the wrongs committed by self centered so called religious folks.  On that account, I agree with him with respect to the flaws of human.  For myself, I told him that "I need God in my life."

A slide show of our trip to China:

Alaska! Alaska!

I finally made it to Alaska.  What a wonderful experience.  Although my traveling companions and I do not find agreements in politics, we all enjoyed the scenery, good food,  and wildlife together.

A slide show of our trip is shown below:

What I have accepted is that "Chances are that I won't be in Alaska again in the future".  The fact of life is that time is limited and there are other places to go before the end.

Meeting floating flower pedals

One meets new people when one travels.  Sometimes some of these new acquaintances become new friends.  A Chinese saying describes these kind of chance meeting as "Ping Shei Shien Phon".  I met a couple on the Croatia tour I took last December.  They opened their home to me this past month When I visited Seattle.  IChung, the husband, who is going to celebrate his 80 birthday next year.  Annie is 72 this year.  I quite admire their philosophy and style of life.  Their retired life include hiking regularly, baby-sitting two grand daughters, traveling, and sponsoring a school in rural China.   IChung, before his eye sight deteriorated, he had been writing Chinese calligraphy every day for 2 hours for nearly 20 years ever since his retirement.  Annie, in her quiet tenderness, shows so much wisdom and caring toward others.  How respectful and admirable is this couple, my new friends made during my travel.

Annie and IChung with their two grand daughters in their backyard:

IChung's calligraphy:

We went hiking in the Wallace Falls and picked blue berries afterwards: