Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life Long Learning (LLL)

I have been checking out on various live long learning opportunities that I might engage myself in after my retirement.  Shu-Jen was in Oxford in October, visiting with her husband Simon, was kind enough to obtain a copy of the brochure from Oxford's Internal Study Center. They have a very  attractive summer program.  One can live in the dorm of Oxford with meals included. One goes to classes, and all sorts of programs sponsored by the Center/University.  One can simply soak oneself in the atmosphere of that great teaching institute, and all!  But it certainly is not cheap.  5200 pounds not including air fare and spending money for 4 weeks.  I have to get myself ready (like reading up on a lot more books, etc.) before I can consider going and be able to get the most from the program.  Perhaps this can help motivate me in designing some more specific activities in 2011 in preparation for a possible trip in 2012.

Another interesting program is the Renaissance Institute at the College of Notre Dame in Maryland, which features a pear governed LLL. All members are 55 years old and up.  The annual membership is $385 which is more affordable, and the campus is just on Charles Street, Baltimore.  I can follow-up on this program and plan possibly join them in  the Fall semester, 2011.

Johns Hopkins and Towson University also have LLL programs:

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