Monday, August 29, 2011

July 2011 was a busy month

I was away from home for almost the entire July.  First I joined some high school classmates for a wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies.  Then I went to Yakima to have a family reunion in celebration of Dean's Birthday.  Ping, BiFang, Haepyng, Sylvia, and I met up in Vancouver to catch the Rocky Mountaineer train.  The train started from Vancouver, made one night stop at Kamloop, then arrived Banff.  At Banff the other friends met up with us:  Lily, Jean and her husband Andy, Peggy and her husband Ming Chung.  We took two cars and toured Banff, Lake Louise, the Columbia Icefield, and the Jasper National Park.  This was one heck of a memorable trip.  The scenery was stunning, and the company was extremely enjoyable.  Below are a few pictures of the first days:
Before boarding the train.
One nice reflection seen as the train went by it.
A portrait of old friends: Ping, me, Peggy, BiFang, Lily, Sylvia, and Hae-Pyng.

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