Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gloria loves everything pink and riding on the "Flying Fish"

Gloria will be 84 this November.  She and I met on a tour in Eastern Europe.  I visited her at her home in the Bucks County, PA.  She has a lovely home, and she cooked a very delicious dinner for me:  roasted pork (she emphasized that 350 F instead of 375 F would avoid the meat gets too dry), home made meshed potato, corn, carrots, and apple sauce. 

Gloria decorated her wall with lots of pictures of her nieces, nephews, and grand nieces and nephews.  She showed me the hospital she was born, the old house she grew up and lived until 5 years ago, the church cemetery where her parents and relatives were buried, the factory where she got her first job right after high school at 17 and half, and of course the Sesame Plaza where she just retired from last month.  Within a 15 miles radius, her whole life was right there.  It was amazing that she and I end up meeting each other in Eastern Europe where she made her first out of the country trip.

We went to the Paddler's Village and walked around.  I was happy to find a pair of very comfortable shoes on sale for $44, and without any tax!  The whole Village was decorated with scarecrows.  My favorite one is shown below.

We walked around the Sesame Plaza for about 1.5 hours.  The water attractions were all closed because summer has already gone.  The Halloween decorations turned out pretty good.


Gloria wanted to ride the "Flying Fish", and asked me to keep her company.  So we rode on it (against my better judgement) along with all the other toddlers (and their mothers/fathers).  We were the only two senior citizens without any children attached.

Had I not say no, she would have wanted to ride on the carousal.  I told her that the horses were a bit too small for me.

She picked Red Lobster for us to have lunch.  We both enjoyed the meal very much.  I was so full after the meal, and she ate more than I did!  I told her that Red Lobster was my Dad's favorite restaurant.  I could felt a sense of melancholy came over me, when I told her that  Gloria would have no idea that I cried when driving back home from her house.  I missed my Dad. 

"To make others happy is kindness.  To make oneself happy is wisdom."  I wish that I had fully appreciated this simple truth when I was younger.

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