Monday, October 22, 2012

Margaret's Office

Margaret works at DC, and  I have never visited her office.  As a retiree, I just decided to go to DC on a weekday, to PLAY.  I was thrilled to find out Margaret's office is just around the cor nor, when I called her cold at noon, hoping she can come out to have lunch with me.   I think she was amused by the silly grin I had all over my face.  Her office is quite nice, and we had a delightful lunch at a Spanish cafe where we sat outside.

On margaret's recommendation, I went to visit the newly rennovated  Natural and History Museum after lunch.  It was very nicely done with the new exhibits.  Lucky me!  I was also able to enter the butterfly exhibit for free, because it's Tuesday.  A friendly butterfly landed on my head,  and a friendly stranger borrowed my camera and took a picture for me.  A very happy day indeed!

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