Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ann Arbor visit in July 2013

Dan and Elizabeth's young family has settled in Ann Arbor for the time when they will be working on campus.  Ed and I have finished the most part of our journey from Yakima to the East Coast.  Ann Arbor is the stop we both have looked forward to for quite some time.

They have a delightful end unit from the University housing.  Three bedrooms upstairs, a living room and kitchen on the first flour, and a basement which Dan used as his study.  Elizabeth uses one bedroom as her office.  The other two bedrooms are one for the parents and one for the little boy.  They planted some flowers at the front of the unit.  And because it's an end unit, they also have a little patio on the side where they can do BBQ outside.

We drove by the building where Dan works and enjoyed visiting their vegetable plot from the University. We were able to get a feel of their everyday life.  It was  so encouraging to witness Dan and Elizabeth being such diligent and loving parents, and such a pleasure seeing them all so happy together.


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