Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 draws to a close

There were too much emotions in the past few months.  I am glad that 2014 is drawing to a close, and now I look forward to a new year.  To catch up on what happened in 2014, I enjoyed meeting up with old friends.  Winnie's visit earlier in the year:

Meeting up with some classmates in California:
Lunch with Ping at a water front restaurant
 With TingTing, Tsing Ping, Judy, and Peggy at the front door of Tsing Ping's home.
Reconnected with Mei-ping, Yue Sheng, Doreen, and Jun-Lei:

With Mei-ping in a Peruvian restaurant when she came to DC to give a talk:
 A reunion in Philadelphia and Mei-ping took us to a charming little museum of recycled glassware arts.
 A nice walk in the neighborhood of Mei-ping's home.
KC came to visit and Bowtie was so happy to cozy up with her:
A reunion at Sylvia's old house to remember our dear friend.  The cleaning up of Sylvia's stuff and thinking of her made me feel sad and a bit depressed. The ashes of Sylvia (in the double happiness jar)and Claudia (in the cat jar) were behind us above the fireplace.
Some of my memories of Sylvia:

Mei-ping lost her daughter Sher to a traffic accident.  To me there is simply no answers to many questions in life.  I was very moved by Sher's life  Although short, Sher had achieved self actualization with her life, and left her prints in many, many people 's hearts and lives.
A slide show I made for Meiping:

It was only during the trip to Spain and Portugal, I started to regain some merry mood.  It's great that Tom nicely documented our trip:

Unfortunately I hurt my lower back climbing the fortress in Sintra (A UNESCO site):

But we all have to just look forward!  As soon as my back is feeling better, I will start some serious training to get ready for Mont Blanc in 2015.  What a wonderful goal for the new year.

We had a nice Christmas reunion:

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