Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another step closer to Mt. Blanc

Everything is a process.  Life is a process.  My journey of preparing for Mt. Blanc brought me to Sedona again.  KC graciously agreed to train with me in Sedona.  So we head out to Phoenix, rented a car and drove to Page to visit the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, the nearby Glen Canon, the Navajo Bridge, and finally hiked 5 more days in Sedona.  Each day we did about 7 miles .  That was not too hard for me.  But we did not have to deal any elevation gain or loss at all even though we were hiking around 4000 - 5000 ft elevation.  A slide show and a brief recap of our trip is shown below:

Day 1, 5/22/2015

Morning: Upper Antelope Canyon tour
Afternoon: Lower Antelope Canyon tour
Evening: Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam Vista

Day 2, 5/23/2015

Morning: Drive north to Big Water, UT looking for
access to the canyons north of Lake Powell
Drive along US89A - Navajo Bridge, Vermillion
Afternoon: Wupatki National Monument, Sunset Crater
National Monument
Evening: Sedona Pines Resort, great dinner at Bella Vita
on site

Day 3, 5/24/2015

Morning: Broken Arrow Trail
Chicken Point
Submarine Rock

Day 4, 5/25/2015

Morning: Boynton Canyon Trail
Lunch: Enchantment Resort
Afternoon: Fay Canyon Trail

Day 5, 5/26/2015

Morning: West Fork Trail
Afternoon: Drive down US 179 - Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock
Evening: Drive down Schnebly Hill Road TH - Mitten Ridge

Day 6, 5/27/2015

Morning: Bell Rock climb
Huckaby Trail along Mitten Ridge
Afternoon: Huckaby Trail from the Midgley Bridge
Evening: Drive to Jordan Road to check out Brins Mesa TH

Day 7, 5/28/2015

Morning: Cathedral Rock TH, Templeton Trail, Baldwin Trail
Afternoon: Red Rock Crossing, Crescent Moon Trail
Evening: Drive to Chapel of the Holy Cross

Day 8, 5/29/2015

Morning: Long Canyon Trail
Dinner: Geat dinner at Bella Vita at Sedona Pines Resort

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