Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tour of Iceland - Part II

We were lucky to have a non rainy day to hike on the lava coast from Arnarstapl to Hellnar.  This also was a day before Janice injured her foot.  She walked the first half of the coastal hike and was able to enjoy the beauty of the lava coast.

I picked some crow berries along the way:
The lonely one!
 We had lunch at the end of the hike in the Fjoruhusid Cafe.  We all enjoyed the seafood soup and bread, and Janice had vegetable Quiche.  All were very tasty.

This picture below shows Janet, Sverrir (our driver), John (our program director), and Daman (Janet's husband).

After lunch, we rode along the coast more and saw this rock looking like a viking ship from the distance:

On one beach, a statue of one brave Icelandic woman who traveled the seven seas.
:Her son was Eirkr who first settled in Greenland.
Again, remember that Icelandic women are beautiful on the outside, and strong on the inside.  Another example was this story of the wife whose husband was chopped to pieces by English due to trade feud.  She said "It is not time to cry, but time to act." and organized an army to rescue her son back.  And she then laid an official charge to the Danish King, which resulted the 5 years war between Danish and English.   Below is the stone where her husband was chopped up:
The we headed to the Holy Mountain.  One needs to climb up without saying a word, then walk around the top three times and say a wish.  The wish will the surely become true!
Holy mountain from a distance:
Views from the top of the holy mountain:

That evening we stayed in the hotel Stykkisholmur, walked downhill to the yellow shack to have local hamburgers for dinner.  Unfortunately Janice injured her foot while taking a shower.
Our hotel on the hill:
The yellow shack where we had dinner:

Our next stop is Akureyri for the following three nights. When en route from Stykkisholmur to Akureyri , we visited a Hobbit House, a horse farm, and Eiriksstadir Museum:

 A Hobbit House:
 Inside a Hobbit House
Icelandic horses seem so docile and graceful!

Poor Janice sat on a chair to be rolled by Tom from the lunch in the farm house back to the bus.
The museum showed how the early settlers lived and worked.  Very hard life all right:

~~~~~ to be continued ~~~~

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