Saturday, June 24, 2017

Road to Shu Small Group Reunion

Eight of us got together at Better's Hunan House for a little reunion dinner on May 24, 2017.  Tyler and Molly drove over from NY State, Steve and Mary came from NJ, Tom and Janice drove over from DE, I drove from Baltimore, and Hope came from Philly.  In a short three hours, we had a delightful dinner prepared from Betty's kitchen.  Steve shred some large prints of the pictures he took at kitchens in Sichuan.  We talked much of the fond memories from the trip.  Everyone is interested in another gathering in autumn when Phil and Genie come back from MS.

Hope was pleasantly surprised by the Birthday cake I prepared for her.

 Someone must said something to delight Steve and Mary.
Betty's cozy Conner was just big enough for us.
 Glad to see Hope's happy smile.

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