Saturday, August 5, 2017

Old Friends!

I have not seen Samuel for 40 years since we were both students.  I have never met his wife, let alone their children (now all grown and have children), and their grand children.  So it was a real big deal when Samuel, Joanne (his wife), Richard and Winnie (I have seen them from time to time since 40 years ago) came to visit in July.  I am glad that they stayed for more than a couple of days which gave us the time to really catch up.  Samuel's heart condition and events led to his surgery was deeply heart felt.  I am glad that I knew these people when we were all so young.  I was certainly so naive.  We had such laughs reminiscent the old days at the Chinese restaurant (Peter Chiang's) in Rockville.  For heaven's sake, it was really a life time has past.

Some pictures taken when we toured the Capitol, Library of Congress, Baltimore Inner Harbor are shown below.  We also got together for a little chat at Rosy's place.  I did not have any pictures from our tour in the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

 Capitol Visitor's Center:

 Lift the veil of ignorance:
 In the Brookside Garden:

 Baltimore Inner Harbor:

 Rosy's Kitchen:

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