Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hikes before and after the Shu Rd

KC, Hope and I did some hikes before the Shu Rd, and we also visited Emei Mountain after the Shu Rd.  Below are some pictures from the hikes.

 A little white dog followed us for 5 hours from JiangMong Guan to the Widow's Bridge.

 The man on the left is the owner of the farmer's house we stayed in DaTsao.

 KC and I visited the ShanXinDui museum near ChengDu.
I celebrated my birthday with KC and Hope in ChengDu.:

We took a train to Emei, then a bus to 3/4 way up to the Golden Summit.  Stayed overnight at Golden Summit.  Got up early to see the sunrise, then walked downhill .  We spent 2 days to hike down.  One night we stayed on top of a little restaurant, the second night we stayed in a nice hotel called Friendship Restaurant, which is outside 10 thousand years temple.

At Golden Summit:

Hiking downhill:


 The Friendship Restaurant:


 The Golden Summit in the distant cloud:

 Back in ChengDu before heading back to US.

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