Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cascade Fall Hike - Again

When one loves hiking, one shares it with friends.  So I recruited Rosy and Florence to join Joan and I to venture out to the Patapsco Valley State Park today.  We walked through the Barzard Rock trail, the Cascade  Fall trail, and came back to the parking spot through the Sawmill Branch Trail, which is by the creek with the view of rock filled creek bed, and the sound of water running through rocks.  Very pleasant indeed! The entire distance of this morning's hike was only 5.1 miles.  But there was no breeze with a temperature of 88 F.  We surely gave a good sweat.  We saw someone, perhaps a young couple in love 41 years ago,  had carved their names  on the trunk of a huge tree (don't know what kind).  1969!  I was a freshman at national Taiwan University, and had a whole life ahead of me.  Joan asked me what I have done in the last 41 years.  Well, graduate school, and work.  After school, it was all work.  And family and friends.  I guess I never left what I value the most in life: family and friends.

And again, we combined hiking with a buffet lunch.  This time we went to the Panda by Lotte in Ellicot City.

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