Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recipe for a good start (of retirement)

Retirement has been such a preoccupation to me for quite some time now.  I have used numerous "calculators" from various on-line sources, read up on all one needs to know about retirement, social security, health care cost, etc. etc.  I even estimated that I probably will live to 93.  My secretary Anita said "I did not know you are such a control freak!"  The thing is that now is probably the first time in my life that I am planning what I want to do instead of just following a path that is in front of me, chosen by someone else, or appeared by chance.  If I have learned anything from life, it would be "make an effort".  One needs to make a good effort in ones life, as one is held accountable for it.
A master has given three servants $500, $200, and $100 respectively.  The servant with $500 used the gift and earned another $500, the servant with $200 used it and earned another $200, but the servant with $100 had a negative attitude, who did not make use of $100 to achieve anything.  The Master was pleased with the first two servants, but not with the last servant.  I was not born with great talent ($500), but I was born with probably medium talent ($200).  Have I used my $200 and made a difference in the life of others?
At least I am so grateful to the $200 given to me.  Help me to make my retirement days pleasing to the Master.

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