Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 is a very special year

Nine days into 2011 and much has happened.  This is the year I will be fully retired at the end of April.  The anticipation of entering into a new chapter of life is dazzling.  I want to savor this early part of 2011 as I still get a regular paycheck from my full time employment, yet I can dream all the fun to have in retirement.  I do not have to think too much about what will happen after 2011 yet.

From mid Feb to March, I will make the last trip to Asia for work, chairing the APZ QA conference for the last time and say good-byes to my regional colleagues.  May is the river cruise trip to Russia.  Early July is a trip to Canadian Rocky for a once in a life time Rocky Mountaineer train ride from Vancouver to Banff and visiting National Parks.  Mid July is the family reunion at Ed's place for celebration of Dean'd Birthday.  Then September is a trip to Turkey.   Poor Bowtie will not see much of me in 2011.

While busy doing all the planning, I am keenly aware in this day and age, that my world as I know it could change within seconds.  An example is the Arizona killing which caused 6 people dead and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords still in critical condition, and a few other wounded also fighting for their lives.  May God have mercy on us.  When a society turns to believe in "no law and order, and no God - Wu Fa Wu Tien", a society simply will spiral down very quickly to complete ruin. And under a turned over bird nest, there will be no egg to survive.  Chinese history has taught us the lessons well.  And I feel very, very sorry for the current state of the Nation.

There are reasons for people come to our lives.  We are to learn things from the encounter.  Sometimes the lessons for us to learn is especially after someone who has come into our life but then left.  Regardless of how painful the lesson is, we become a better being/soul once we learned the lesson.  Huilang has sent me the story, which led me to find the following blog

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