Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Storm

Last Wednesday we had a hectic snow storm.  We actually heard thunders before the big chunk of heavy snow, mixed with rain and sleet fell upon us.  It took a lot of people by surprise.  The freeway in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia turned into a total parking lot. People started at 4 PM trying to get home did not arrive home until 12:30 after midnight.  Abandoned cars were littered along Route 83 and the York Road near my office.  I WAS LUCKY!  I got home before the heavy snow came down, and I did not lose any power, probably because my house is by the Main Street.

Yesterday many people did not make it to the office.  Again I was lucky to get in and get back home without any problem.  The office was quiet, and the cafeteria only served soup, salad and sandwiches.  Poor Lawrence, the chef , was all by himself in the kitchen.  Bobby, James, and Brenda all did not  make it in at all. Come to think of it, I probably talked a lot more to these folks who work at the cafeteria than many other McCormick people  who work at the head office.  Sometimes people can be so isolated.

It was a beautiful scene looking outside from my office window:

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