Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Old Picture

My basement has been a mess. Many boxes I brought back from the office were just sitting there taking up space.  It's time to clean-up somewhat.   But, I got distracted by the "old stuff" that brings back memories.  I found the following picture taken at a time when Edmund and I had our whole lives ahead of us, yet we had no idea of what we really want from life, or how our lives would turn out. (At least that's how I feel now that I am in my 60's).  Ed was serving in the army after graduation, and I was in my third yesr in college. We shared similar yet not completely the same experience growing up together.  The gender difference probably made us develop different perspectives. 

Now when we talk to each other, I found that we still have some similar view about life and relationship.   Painful experience in life helped us learn lessons and also helped us find peace. I guess our souls are under blessing somehow.

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