Thursday, November 17, 2011

GuanDu Nature Park

On the last day before I left from Taiwan to US, BiFang, her husband Daniel, and I went to visit the GuanDu Nature Park.  This is a refuge for birds and other creatures living in swamps. We saw a lot of "white head old man" (black headed shrike).  The singing of these birds is very sweet.  I was waken up by their sing every morning when I stayed in BiFang's home.

And one time when BiFang and I were walking in a little park near the Palace Museum, I saw he following two birds.  I did not know their names, until I saw their pictures at the Nature Park:

I tried to catch a picture of them and realized that I really need a better camera than the little pocket sized Sony of mine.  I actually saw the Common Kingfisher diving into the pond, but he was too fast for my camera.

All three of us had an enjoyable time at the Nature Park.  We then drove to the Institute of Art (?) for lunch.

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