Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nancy goes grocery shopping in Tainan

When I was in Tainan, Nancy took me to the nearby fresh market to get some fruits, after our breakfast.  At the breakfast, I had the best "shou bin you tieu" that was freshly made at the little store outside Whei Ze's home.  It was really the best one I ever had!

Nancy was fully equipped with her mouse gear before heading out the house!  Visiting the local fresh market brought some old feelings back.  Yet the market is so much different than the wet market I knew from my childhood.  I remember that I was not very strong physically, and fainted at the wet market one time when going grocery shopping with Edmund.  He had to pick me up from the ground.  And now, I feel I am probably doing best with my health.  More energetic, and more "with it" at the moment.  Thank God!

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