Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 Siblings

Dean suggested a visit to our parents' graves in TN.  So we all gathered in a lodge in Beech Mountain , NC, which borders TN, and went to Johnson City together.  The emotions are hard to describe when one sweeps the grave of one's parent.  So much emotions from the past usually are buried, and left undisturbed.
The group had a nice gathering.  We cooked, ate, chatted, hiked, and played ping pong or Marjon together.  For six senior citizens riding in a van, it turned out just as fun.

Perhaps our DNA and our experience instilled enough wisdom in us to love nature, to appreciate good qualities, and be grateful with what we have in life.  We seem to be able to communicate conflict emotions, although sometimes seem raw, and manage okay the terms of endearment.  We value families and friends. And nature always has a way to heal us.

While love exists, the inability or lack of skills to handle/communicate endearment will cause pain.  It seems to me that using a sharp dagger to carve out love/hurt, and toss that piece of soft heart into cold to freeze is not the answer.  To be willing to develop skills to handle conflicting situations is worth it, for the sake of love.
In this aspect, I am still a student.

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