Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's Spring Time

The long dreadful winter finally left us.  It seemed that I accomplished nothing but be home bound.  "Time is nothing if not amenable", wrote Elizabeth Bishop.  I guess with all the time staying indoor, I discovered Elizabeth Bishop, a poet (1911 - 1979).  It seemed to me that she did not write for fame, for money, or even for love.  Her writing seemed to be her desperate efforts to understand and describe accurately her own soul with objectivity.  Her work moved me as if I could felt the vibration of her struggle.

Sunshine and blossoms came along with Winnie's visit.  Annapolis, Inner Harbor, Brookside Garden, and Rockville Town Center did we visit.  Good times were captured by slides:

If Elizabeth said that "Time is nothing if not amenable", I say:  Love is nothing if not labored and delivered.

Memories from yesterday smiles, and wants to invite me to a new beginning.

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