Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia

After the trip, I stayed in Palace Hotel Zagreb for 5 nights in order to explore the city.  The hotel was nice and friendly. It was within walking distance to the Old Town and Upper Town, where most of the museums are located.
The hotel lobby:
A park right outside the Hotel, where I bought some roasted chestnut from an old man by the park side.
Some scenes of the lower town:
The State Archive:
The outside and inside of the Mimara Museum:

At Upper Town, one can see the beautiful St Mark's Cathedral with its colored tiled roof:

The code of arms represent, on the left: Croatia, Dalmatia, Kuna, and on the right,Zagreb.

A Kuna is a little animal, also the current currency of Croatia.  1 US$ equals 5.4 Kuna.  I found a stuffed Kuna in the Natural and History Museum:
The museums in Zagreb were very nice, the food in Zagreb was delicious.  However, my feeling is that the Happiness Index of people in Zagreb was not very high.  They were subdued and quietly go about with their life.  With an unemployment rate near 21%, the young people do not seem spirited.  Tourism is their number one industry, that made them too dependent on foreigners.

On January 12, I arrived Baltimore. The Bay Bridge looked beautiful under the sun set.  Oh, home, sweet home!

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