Monday, April 25, 2016

A Ski Trip to Washington State in Jan, 2016

Ed has been very kind to invite his relatives to ski.  He has been encouraging me to try this sport as he has had so much fun with it.  I was apprehensive due to my concerns with my weak bone density.  But I went.  And Steven and his whole family also went.  I did try.  That is all I can say about my experience:
Steven's family had a wonderful time. The second day,  Ed provided some coaching to Elizabeth while Steven took the boys for some bunny hill trials.  I stayed behind in the nice warm home od Ed's and listened to an audio book.
Ed invited Karen and Sue while I was visiting for some dumplings .  It was a very pleasant visit, and the dumplings were delicious.
I am so glad to see Ed happy.  He has been also especially kind and generous to me .  He drove me to Leavenworth to visit this interesting German town.  We had Bratwurst and sour crowd for lunch.  It is a blessing that ones siblings all get along!


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