Monday, April 25, 2016

Mini Reunion in Houston in April 2016

Lily invited KC and I to visit in Houston.  The timing was so good that we get to celebrate her promotion and receiving tenure with her.  We sort of just hang out:  had massage, Dim Sum, Thai food, Chinese food, walked in the park, visited the art museum, the Kemeh Boardwalk, did some shopping, met up with other Chin ladies. and had more Chinese food......We surely had a lot of laugh.
 The Park:

Inside and on the parking lot of the museum:

Kehem Boardwalk:
Inside and outside of the Thai restaurant.  It was the Thai's new year:

The banquet treated by Lily with other friends, including Young MaMa, Nancy's sister Jennifer invited:
 A special photo taken with the three college mates and Young MaMa:
Houston had a rain storm the night before we were scheduled to leave.  The flash flood prevented us from leaving Lily's house and get to the airport.  After hours of delay, we finally found a taxi to take us to the Hobby airport.  I finally got home around 11 PM, and KC did not get home until 1:30 AM the following day.

What a memorable visit!

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