Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bowtie is rest in peace now

Bowtie had been with me for 16 years.  He was smart, friendly, trusting, loving and forgiving.  I have been lucky to have had him.  I would miss him and remember him always.   Facebook sent me a picture of him that I posted 7 years ago on December 20, 2009 without knowing that Bowtie was gone just the day before.  What a coincidence!  Looking at Bowtie's picture the day after brought tears in my eyes.  And it also brought me a sense of gratitude.

Bowtie seven years ago:
Bowtie my sweetie boy always:
Barbara Eidel who helped me to put Bowtie to sleep has been very kind and sympathetic.  Today I received a card from her. Perhaps one day my spirit would meet again the spirit of my loved ones.

Friends of Bowtie at his vet hospital made a donation to the Baltimore Humane Society in memory of him.  Yes Bowtie was such a likable sweet cat!
Bowtie was buried in the backyard of Lyny and Paul's.  So kind of them to allow me to do so.

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