Thursday, April 6, 2017

Home Improvement Project

2017 started with a home improvement project.  I am changing all flooring of my house.  First it was Joe who came to fix the "foyer" of the basement, made with wood-looking vinyl plank; and the floor of the master bathroom.  The material used for the master bathroom was duraceramic in the color of aqua pacific marble. Joe worked all by himself and I learned how lonesome his job must have been. Human beings are social animal and I am afraid that Joe misses interaction with others.  He turned his radio on while he worked, but I felt that he wanted to talk to me very much.  An old and heavy guy who made me feel sorry for him.  Chip came the next day to do the stairs.  He is tall and slim.  He was fast, efficient and finished his work in 4 hours. (It took Joe two days to complete his job)  And the oak hard wood looks beautiful!

Dave and Daren (white and black) came to do the carpet of the basement.  They kept talking to each other while they worked.  Six hours later, the work was done and all furniture back to where they were.  I complimented their work as "beautiful"  Dave smiled and said to Darin " She says that I am beautiful"  Ha, a bit good will goes a long way to make people happy.

Matt (white guy, and the brother-in-law of Chip) came along with five Latino amigos early in the morning (8:20 AM) to do the wood floor of the living room and master bedroom.  Matt helped the Latinos to move some furniture, then left for another job.  The Amigos went to work immediately and non stop!  two guys worked on the living room and three guys on the master bedroom.  They did not even take any break.  Of course they talked with each other all in Spanish!  I said to myself, "Donald, these are the immigrates who really are working so hard and are contributing to our society!"  By
5:15 PM they finished everything, and moved furniture back to their original locations!

The flooring was completed after I returned from the Panama Canal cruise, and I absolutely love it!

Pictures of the living room before, in progress, and finished:

The bedroom before, and being transformed:

The bathroom finished:
The basement finished with the new foyer area and new carpet:
Of course replacing the ceramic floor of the kitchen to hardwood turned out to give me the most pleasure of all.
The other two small bedrooms also had the carpet replaced.  All done, so happy!

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