Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Luping's First Visit

Luping flew from Indianapolis to BWI for a visit (Dec. 9-16).  We took a drive to visit Hope from Monday to Thursday.  When in Hope's place, we met up with Phil and Ginny for dinner in Chester Hill in a Chinese restaurant (A Fusion one).  We also took a train to Phily down town.  We walked the independence path in the cold, and visited the Elfreth Alley.

When Luping was in my place, she taught me about the keto diet she has been on for months.  We went on grocery shopping and cooked up much keto diet dishes.  I quite enjoyed the food.  It is not hard to keep this diet at all.  We also made the ice cream following Hope's recipe, except we made it a lot richer by adding more fruits and cream cheese!  It's been a fun week.

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