Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tour of Northern Spain & Portugal - Pilgrimage into the Past

I joined this OAT tour plus a pre-trip to southern France from June 22 to July 15, 2018.  The southern France covered Carcassonne, Albi, and Bayonne, and was led by an interesting young Spanish/French man named Daniel.  The main part of the tour covered from Bilbao to Porto, led by Carmen Manzanares, and covered Bilbao, Guernica, Pamplona, some trails of Camino de Santiago, Leon, Santiago de Compostela, the seaside of Cambados, the Douro Valley, and Porto.
I have previously traveled to none of these places, and have looked forward to the trip tremendously.  As it turned out, I had a wonderful time and learned a lot about the local history, culture and people.

In the picture below, Daniel was showing how to pour out the local cider beer in Bayonne.

The following picture showed Carmen arranged a cake to be served to celebrate Cheryl's birthday.  The young lady on the right is Carmen.
We had a nice group started in Carcassonne.  This group turned out to become tighter even after 6 more passengers joined later in Bilbao for the main tour.
The following is a group picture in Carcassonne.
From left: Duff, Rick, Barb, Mike, Cheryl, Susan, Lorita, KC, and I. 

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