Monday, March 4, 2019

Sharing a Tiramisu Maxi at the Roadside Garden Risto by the Appia Way

The Appia Way is not too far on the south side from Roma central.  We took a taxi to the gate of the old city wall. And started walking from there.  But we first went up the tower, saw the museum, and walked a bit of the ancient wall.

From the top of the wall, we could see the road toward the ancient Appia Way:
We started walking, passing some buildings, a field, stopped and visited one catacomb, and passed another catacomb (but saw the beautiful sculpture of St. Sebastian)

Then we arrived at a lovely roadside Garden Risto, and walked in for a delightful lunch.  The waiters were so friendly.

When we inquired about the difference between a tiramisu and tiramisu maxi, the waiter smiled with a very good nature smile and  said "size".  so we ordered a tiramisu maxi with three spoons. It was HUGE!  But we loved it.

After lunch, we walked some more, then returned to hotel on public transportation (took a free bus, then via metro)

I had to say that the road itself (what was left now) was not as great as I had imagined.

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