Monday, March 4, 2019

Delightful Days in Capri

We left from Naples to Capri on a ferry.

And arrived Capri along with only a very small crowd in this winter season.  Later we found out that almost everything was closed for the season.
 Our hotel is in Capri: Blue Capri was the name of the hotel.  It took us a while to find it.  But we like it a lot.  Weiling cooked some pasta for dinner one evening in our kitchen:


 All the fancy shops were closed for the season:

We also visited the locally made perfume.  The chemist behind the window was day dreaming.  But their perfume was very nice!

We rode on the little local bus from Capri to AnaCapri.  It is a colorful and beautiful town.

 Casa Rosa:

 We went to visit the House of St. McChele

 Of course the hiking was simply delightful:
And we saw some pretty goats:

 A natural bridge:
 The trail zigzag downward:

 We also pass some shops and people's houses.  The houses usually have some interesting clay plaques:

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