Thursday, July 4, 2019

A little hike on a Tuesday

Rosie said she has been stressed out at work, and wanted to do a long hike to decompress. We agree to do a hike on Tuesday just because it is a weekday. Andrea has to take a day off too. Her daughter commented "You are taking a Tuesday off?"  See, it is a big deal all right. I made some tea eggs for us the night before.  They came to my place first and we headed out in one car to the Oregon Ridge Park.  It is not a big park, but the trees are so green and the setting so pretty and peaceful.  We hiked 8.25 miles and had a little picnic by the pond, eating the tea eggs, dried fish from Iceland (brought back by Rosie from her recent trip), snacks brought by Andrea (roasted chestnuts, oriental cracks), blue berries and some apple slices. The worries were put behind a little bit.

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