Saturday, July 6, 2019

All We Have Is Now - Northern Italy: The Alps, Dolomites & Lombardy

From June 9 - 23, 2019 KC and I joined the Northern Italy tour offered by OAT.  We have a talented young man Matteo Fulcheri as our Program Director.  There were 13 in the group: The 3 generations (Marge, Jennifer, and Caroline from Little Rock, AR), 2 sisters (Audrey and Robin from MD and VA), 2 couples (Jane and Rob from Upper state NY; Joan and Rudy from Atlanta, GA, Elizabeth from SF, Marcia from Seattle, and KC and I.  The group gelled pretty nicely and I say we genuinely enjoyed each other's company as the tour progressed.  Marge, the grandmother, and I shared a strong view on "All we have is now".  Sometimes the time one shares with fellow travelers could be the best exchanges among human.  We focused on learning and discovery, enjoyment (very nice food, wine, scenery.....), joking and laughing, lots of exercise (walking), witty conversations.......and friendliness and kindness.  And in a little shop in Bressanone I found a t-shirt with "All We Have is Now" printed on it.  I bought it and felt how fitting this t-shirt is with my mood.

Matteo sent us three group pictures:

At the peak of almost 10,000 ft, with the snow capped Alpine in the backdrop:
With Dolomite behind us:
The first row, Audrey, Christina, Matteo, second row: Robin, Elizabeth, Jane, KC, Marcia, Marge, third row: Rob, Joan, Rudy, Caroline, and Jennifer
 Another view at the Dolomite,  with Ladin Valley behind us:

The link below is a collection of pictures with various group members:

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