Saturday, July 17, 2021

A Year Of Covid Pandemic

What is time? It could be gone so quickly or so slowly without our awareness.  When did my baby niece and nephew grow so big ? When did their own babies also grow so big?  When was the last time I felt this pain? it seems that was just yesterday..... Anthony Bourdain went back to the same place where his heart was broken. He said that I just want to know if it still feels so much hurt.  For someone I do not even know, I feel for him and miss him.   The past fifteen months offered me neither traveling nor wondering around.  A few things to remember this past year.

I had no idea that a little fall from my bicycle ended up with a fractured wrist.  So much for getting some exercises while under pandemic lock down,

Joined the history study group brought a lot of fun and discovery:

Edmund came to visit and we had a good time:

Signed a contract and moved unto a new chapter of my life:

Hiking in Shenandoah NP was a pleasant break from the lock down.  Of course that's after two vaccine shots!
Then the country turned into "pandemic of the non vaccinated"  Still exercise caution, we can go out to restaurants, parks, and even museums....

Climate changes have caused much wild fires, droughts, on the west coast, and a terrible flood in Europe (especially in Germany) as I write.  May human wise up and God have mercy on us while we move ahead.

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