Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Celebration on The Road

For the past several years, I have always spent my birthday on a business trip in Asia.  This year was not an exception.  But this one was the last business trip!   I actually had a few pleasant surprises for my birthday this year.  Dan (my succesor) and I were suppose to fly from Shanghai to Bangkok first thing in the morning, but was delayed by heavy fog.  Fortunately Dan is such a nice fellow, and is very considerate and fun to travel with.  So at the lounge of Thai Airway, we had some noodle to celebrate my birthday.  Once we finally arrived Bangkok, and checked into the hotel, I was presented by the Hotel with a lovely piece of birthday cake.  Then Dan and I went to have a lovely Thai meal in this very interesting restaurant near the hotel.  Both the food and music were very authentic.

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