Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flat Belly Solution

I made a pledge to my self: lose some fat and stay healthy!  So a new scale which can show fat percentage besides weight was newly acquired for my kitchen.  My current weight is between 116-118, and fat percentage is around 30.5 - 34%.  So the first goal is to drop the fat percentage to below 30.  The first change to make is to stop eating cereals for breakfast to avoid taking in excess carbohydrates.  So I switched to one boiled egg and some fruits (an apple for example).  Down the road I can try some vegetable and fruit smoothies for breakfast too.  Two days on the new diet, I seem to have dropped one pound.  :-)  Although it might be just water, but it's a good sign.

The next thing is to exercise more, especially aerobic exercise.  Now that's a bit more challenging for me.  I just have to remind myself "be consistent, be consistent".  Persistence is the mother of success!  Good luck to myself.

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