Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Villa in Premia del Dalt

May is a wonderful month to be in Spain.  Ed rented a villa in Premia del Dalt for a month.  I joined him and some of his Cascadian friends for the first part of the month.   It is really a delight way to visit the Catalonia.  Our villa is 30 minutes walk to the train station, then 30 minutes train ride to Barcelona.  The group are mostly hikers and bikers.  People would do whatever activities in small or large subgroups.  But we all cook and have dinners together. We ate pretty healthy and consumed lots of wine and beer!
 The front and back view of the villa:
From the balcony, one can see the Mediterranean sea:
We spent quite some time in the kitchen,  planning excursions, cooking, eating, cleaning, sharing pictures, and chatting:



We surely enjoyed the wine, snacks, and fresh strawberries!

Evans gets the credit for figuring out the plugs on the kitchen counter:

Wenli was the Taichi teacher:
To be connected is an absolute necessity for everyone!
On the eve of May 15, some of us will be departing the following morning.  A few ladies got together and made a card for Ed to show our appreciation for all his efforts in making us to have a wonderful holiday.  The ladies and gentlemen took pictures with Ed:

The card we made for Ed:
The shells we picked from the beach at Premia del Mar, the herbs we picked from our hiking in the back of the villa, and a penny of Spain/euro.  The song of " We love you Ed......" was picked by RuthAnn.  Ed said "Do you want to see an adult man cry?......"

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