Saturday, December 1, 2018

Metsovo, on the Beaten Path from Meteora to Zagoria

It was mountainous driving on narrow and winding road all right.  Tassoso dis a good job to keep us all safe.  Metsovo is a small village nestled in the Pindus Mountains.  We stopped here to enjoy a cooking lesson on meat and cheese pies, which is a regional specialty.   The town is so small,one can finish walking the whole town in 15 minutes.

The town center:

 They are known with the stone mansions.

The tavern we will have our cooking lesson and lunch:

I marked the pie I made with "KAI":

Looks like an egg roll!  But it was a meat and cheese pie all right.

This is such a hard to get to place.  I seriously doubt that I would ever be back here again.  But this has been a sweet memory.

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