Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Silversmith Workshop in Loannina

Loannina is a regional capital situated on the western shores of Lake Pamvotis.  This city was founded by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the 6th century AD.  We passed by this city on our way from Meteora to Zagoria. During the Byzantine time, this city was often referred to as the "Metropolis of knowledge".  We visited a silversmith workshop and met George (the artist), and his assistant Anna.  I found the visit delightful.  George went through the steps to hand make a sunflower pendant.

George's signature logo:
The design:
The finished product:
The raw material:

To cut the shapes of the pedals:
To curve the pedals:
To smooth out the rough edges of the pedals, at least for 6 hours:
To wash the pedals to be free of fines:
To connect the two pieces of pedals together:
The hand paint the inner pedal:
To be on the neck of a customer:
I found George and Anna quite genuine and kind, and I loved the sunflower pendant on my neck.

Unfortunately we did not have any time to explore the city at all.  I could only take a few pictures of the beautiful lake:  And we know that the city has a wall with gate and everything.  But no time........

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