Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dim Sum at Asian Delight

Rosy was very kind to invite Ed, Tom, Janice and me for Dim Sum at Asian Delight in Silver Spring yesterday.  She has not seen Tom, Janice, and Ed for quite a while.  It really turned out to be a Dim Sum feast for all of us, because Rosy ordered 27 items!  Retirement, vacation, traveling, hiking, grand kids, and family reunion were topics around the table.  We all can't help to feel how times have flied over the years.

Rosy and I have known each other for, good grief, 38 years! I met her at her 18th Birthday celebration.  Lydia from Midway invited the Bible Study group to Rosy birthday party, when we dropped her off at Midway after the Study. On one snowy day of that same year, Rosy and Helena knocked at the door of my apartment in Lexington, seeking help to find a place to stay when they moved from Midway to Lexington.  That started the long relationship between Rosy and me.

Florence gave me two pairs of socks with very cute cats.  To have a sister in the Lord is a blessing in my life.

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