Monday, December 20, 2010

The Last Performance Appraisal

Today I handed in my last performance appraisal to my boss.  I said to him "shall we go right to the bottom line?"  (After all the rating on goals achieved, personnel's attributes, etc, there is at the bottom of our PA form, the Employee's Comment, The Manager's Comment, and the Next Level Manager's Comment.)  Before he reacted, I said that my Employee's Comment is that "I am grateful for McCormick & Company, Inc. and its people."  I skipped the whole part with rating numbers and stuff.  He looked at them briefly, and said he agrees with what I put down.  He said that he appreciated that I took upon other projects (meaning my help with Lyny's projects.) He said that he would have more to say at my retirement tea. .....about the legacy I built in China......  I said to him " Just don't embarrass me, or make me cry."  We were amiable. It was an amiable exchange.   And then it was all over, a five minutes event.  I would expect nothing else.

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