Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Farewell Luncheon from CQA

My co-workers from the Corporate QA group gave me a farewell luncheon last Tuesday. We gathered at the Bluestone restaurant for the occasion.  Only Kaster and Shraddha were unable to make it due to their meetings I think everyone had a pretty good time. Roger said a couple more nice things about me. Bill said a few words, Lyny asked me to wait for her on the Marjong game.  Anita surprised me with the bottles of black pepper with my picture and name as the label. How thoughtful of her.  She later told me that she just want to do some thing special for me because I am such a nice person.  I am truly moved by her extra efforts.  I hope that I finally learned that it's always worth it to be nice to others. It is worth it because you have an opportunity to touch someone else's heart, even though there always exists a risk of your feeling could be hurt at times.

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