Monday, April 4, 2011

Wednesday Breakfast Club

For the past several years, a few of us at the QA Group always go down stairs to have breakfast together.  It's a special for just Wednesday.  I really developed a liking for the cooks and the kitchen aids .  Bobby has such a wonderful memory that he not only remembers every one's name, but also his or her food preferences.  Brenda is always friendly to me.  James a lot of times does not seem to know what he is doing, just shows his big smile with many teeth missing.  Lawrence is new, and is from TaiShan.  He is supporting not only his wife and kids, but also both his Mom and his wife's Mom.  One is 80 something, and the other is 60 something.  And the two Moms do not get along.  They all are simple people but are very hard working.

Bill is a co-worker with whom I talk about life and philosophy.  He teased a lot about my pre-retirement grin, showing too much happiness!

Here is Bill in a tie:

Some other breakfast club members: Lyny, Ken, and Earl:

Here is Lawrence, Bobby, Branda, and James in sequence:

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