Monday, September 26, 2011

Horseback riding in Stouton

Florence and Rosy are very into this "Groupon" thing, and got a horseback riding deal for this past Saturday. So the three of us traveled from Sandy Spring on Friday night, and arrived Stouton after 3.5 hours drive.  Saturday morning we drove to the horse farm and rode pleasantly on the horseback for about 3 hours.  Lunch was included (a sandwich, some potato chips, a trail mix, a sneaker bar, and a bottle of water; a small apple was meant to be shared with ones horse).  The horses were quite well behaved ones.  The owner apparently are good to their animals - 20 horses, 2 dogs, and 3 cats).  The trail dog named Enepe (American Indian name for brave) was ultra friendly.  He snuggled tightly with Vicki (from Taiwan) and Vivian (from Hong Kong) in the truck on the way back and forth from the farm to the trail.  And he led the horses when we were on the trail.  Vicki, Vivian, Yu Mou (from Shangdong), and Ethan (born in Vietnam, and grown up in US) were riders we met on this event.  They were friends from the International Group on campus and came as a group.   They are a young group and reminded me of some good old days of past years.

We also saw some beautiful color change of the very early fall.

"Diamond" is the name of the horse I rode on:

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